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For yourself or to train others - scientific concepts, workout techniques, cardio & strength training & live sessions with Deepti

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Workout with fun & safety under the guidance of our experienced trainers and enthusiastic group of participants

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Consult with Deepti & dietitian Archana - review medical history, eating & lifestyle pattern and get personalised plan

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We're not simply Fitness Dance Workout Trainers. Our purpose is to ignite the world. Let's make it happen.

Cardiovascular Fitness

DWD Fitness Dance Workout is known for its energetic, fast-paced movements that get your heart rate up, making it an effective cardio workout.

Calorie Burning

The combination of dance moves and aerobic exercises in DWD can help you burn a significant amount of calories in a single session, aiding in weight loss and management.

Full Body Workout

DWD engages various muscle groups throughout the body, including the core, legs, arms, and back, providing a comprehensive workout that tones muscles and improves overall strength.

Fun and Social

DWD classes are often lively and upbeat, set to rhythmic music from various cultures. The fun atmosphere and group setting make it an enjoyable way to exercise, boosting motivation and social interaction.

Creator Of

Most Viewed Bollywood Dance Workouts On YouTube

Dance With Deepti (DWD) has cemented its place as the creator of the most viewed Bollywood dance workouts on YouTube. With a vibrant fusion of Bollywood beats and fitness routines, DWD has captivated audiences worldwide, making fitness fun and accessible for all. DWD's energetic routines promise to get you moving and grooving while breaking a sweat. Join the millions who have tuned in to DWD's exhilarating dance workouts and experience the joy of Bollywood-inspired fitness like never before!

Why DWD?

"Dance with Deepti" is a super fun, high energy dance fitness workout program that brings Indian-style fat burning cardio & strength workouts to your home


We are here to wake up the world, one individual at a time. We have all seen how a single enlightened, empowered individual can bring about a revolution in the world. Why not become like that? Why not become powerful, energetic, clear - and a force for good in society?


At DWD, our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community of modern-day fitness buddies through the power of dance. Just as one individual can spark tremendous positive change, envision the collective impact a community of dance fitness buddies can generate! Join us in this journey towards holistic wellness and joy through dance.

What We Do For You

Full Body Workout

A full-body workout engages multiple muscle groups in one session, promoting overall strength, endurance, and functional fitness.

Face Booster Challenge

The "Face Booster Challenge" invites participants to embrace skincare rituals for a radiant complexion.

Belly Fat Challenge

Take on the belly fat challenge and sculpt your midsection with determination and consistency.

Lower Body Challenge

Strengthen your lower body and sculpt your legs with this intense challenge.


Namastey! I'm Deepti

I created DanceWithDeepti with the mission to SIMPLIFY fitness, make it super FUN, and effortlessly ACCESSIBLE for you right in the comfort of your own home.

As a certified trainer and nutritionist, I'm passionate about promoting healthy living through natural practices and positive thinking. My dedication to simplicity and unwavering enthusiasm shines through in my workout styles and the genuine connection I foster with my fitness followers.

30 mins BEGINNERS Workout | Lose 3-5 kgs in 1 month | BOLLYWOOD Dance Fitness Workout

The Reality Behind Your Weight Loss Journey: What You Need to Know Now!

Embarking on a weight loss journey is often depicted as a straightforward path to success. However, the reality is far more nuanced and challenging. Understanding the truths behind weight loss can empower you to navigate the journey with realistic expectations and sustainable habits. Here's a candid look at the reality behind your weight loss journey that you need to know right now.

Weight Loss is Not Linear:

Many envision weight loss as a steady decline on the scale, but the journey is rarely so straightforward. Weight fluctuations are normal and can be influenced by various factors such as water retention, muscle gain, and hormonal changes.

Sustainable Changes Trump Quick Fixes:

Fad diets and rapid weight loss schemes often promise quick results but rarely deliver lasting success. Sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle are the key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Mindset Matters as Much as Mechanics:

While calorie counting and exercise are essential components of weight loss, mindset plays a pivotal role in determining success. Cultivate a positive relationship with your body and food, free from guilt or deprivation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find free workouts?

Free workouts and basic diet plan are already posted on DancewithDeepti’s YouTube channel for everyone’s benefit. You can find them here - Click Here

How can I get a diet plan?

Personal consultations include diet plans designed for your needs based on your medical conditions and lifestyle/eating pattern. To book a consultation and join our health plan - Click here

How can I contact Deepti?

To connect with Deepti, you can enrol into Health Plans that include meeting with Deepti. You will get a personal consultation with Deepti, diet plan and live workout options with DWD trainers. Click Here

How can I download DancewithDeepti App?

You can search for “DancewithDeepti” on Google play or Appstore. Alternatively you can just Click the Link Here.

Are You Ready To Get Transformed?  Lace Up Your Dance Shoes, Bring Your Energy, And Let's Get Moving To The Rhythm Of Fitness!

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